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CROSS Library 1.7

Library 1.7 ($150) is being used:
  • By various libraries (public, church, Christian/private/public schools, and other organizations) as an online catalog and/or to print catalog cards, labels, etc.
  • By medical, legal, governmental agencies, computer, and other industries to catalog instructional materials/videos for trainees/reference
  • By ministers and scholars to catalog their personal libraries of books, videos, tapes, CDs, files, etc. and for sermon/study research using the Indexed Key Words/Phrases feature
  • By church tape and video ministries to catalog recorded services, sermons, historical info, tape/video cost, etc.
Numerous features have been added to Library 1.7 in the past several years (see latest features list), yet the price remains at only $150!

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Reports, Labels, & Cards   FAQ (Lots of Info)
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"In comparison to all other programs I have researched, I would say that it is more than worth what you pay and as good as those others on the market that are too outrageous in cost to purchase!"
     -- Consuelo Bernard, Librarian
         Louis Gossett Jr. Residential, Lansing, NY

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