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We are very concerned about the prospects of Microsoft to continue full support for any/all versions of 32-bit Windows.  This was our top concern in 2019 as there had been 5 disruptive Windows Updates cycles within 10 months! The latest serious update problem was in October 2019 and it appears the problems might continue. (The current issues in October were resolved by the end of the year. Our intent at CROSS Systems, Inc. was previously to support ALL 32-bit Windows systems from XP and forward to provide the best stability possible to all of our customers. This was not altogether possible leading us to suggest that everyone consider upgrading to one of our CROSS Library Mint Laptop or Desktop systems as soon as reasonably possible –See:
Specifically: CROSS has phased out support for Windows XP and Windows Vista 32-bit and maintained support for Windows 8-10 32-bit while providing CROSS Library Mint to support 64-bit Windows, Apple OS X, and Linux systems and providing the Mint systems to provide CROSS Library without needing Windows at all! So, we have expanded our support dramatically moving forward and have more expansion plans in the coming months in the 2nd half of 2021!

If ANY of the following are true, it might be time to upgrade your old desktop or laptop system:   Options:

  • If your existing computer is giving you trouble and has Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 (32-bit)
  • If your existing computer is Windows 7 (Microsoft plans to discontinue support in mid-January 2020)
  • If  your existing computer has failed to startup
  • If your existing computer is Windows XP or older
  • If your existing computer is running XP Mode or Virtual PC

OUR EXAMPLE IN 2019-2021: We upgraded our cloud servers from Microsoft Windows Servers to Linux for BOTH stability and security reasons.  Our #1 concern is for the long-term stability of your library. AFTER 3 serious problems in 2019, we paid the price to fix what 2 Windows Updates and a batch of system security updates broke on these Windows Servers. Our best option was to upgrade to the latest and most secure Linux system we could find. We finished that process and it has been stable for our customers using CROSS Library Mint since August 5th, 2019 and continue updating and supporting these systems for the future.

CROSS Systems, Inc. offers two basic upgrade paths as follows:

  1. (BEST and SIMPLE)  Upgrade to a CROSS Library Mint Laptop or Desktop system –See:
  2. Install CROSS Library Mint onto your Windows 10 64-bit system (This system runs in a virtual machine to provide a buffer from problems caused by Windows Updates.) Important tech stuff: Virtualization must be enabled in the UEFI/BIOS setup, and 8GB RAM highly recommended (4GB minimum required) See: (CROSS Support handles install and configuration process after download is complete. Please ensure your subscription is active or renew it first. You may Renew your CROSS Library Subscription here… )

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you use option #1, if possible.  You receive your new system ready-to-use.  It is the fastest and easiest upgrade with the least problems. (We configure and test your printer after you receive the system.)

If you currently use either Windows or Apple, option #1 will be a breeze!

This system is based on Linux providing you:

  • Security
  • Stability
  • No Windows Updates disrupting your life and work
  • CROSS Library automatically opens ready-to-use
CROSS Library Mint

These systems are easier than using CROSS Library on Windows XP–they just work! We have been supporting CROSS Library Mint for nearly 3 years now and find it to be increasingly stable and easy-to-use.

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