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2022 Updated Pricing – new customer loyalty discounts! No more Sign-up fees!

We have been reviewing our pricing structures.
We had to adjust our rates a bit resulting in higher pricing in some cases.

HOWEVER, we are thankful for each customer, and we want to express that in savings to those of you who have been with us the longest. So we decided to provide AUTOMATIC customer loyalty discounts!

A good piece of news is that we have decided to stop charging sign-up fees! This simplifies our pricing structure and website by eliminating any hidden costs no matter how you renew. (Now, it makes no cost difference whether you ‘Renew NOW’ / ‘Early Renewal’, ‘Add to Cart’ from Product Page, or ‘allowing the system to create your renewal order and send you the invoice on the day your subscription comes due). You can do whatever you need to do without fear of hidden costs!

The BEST NEWS is that the new Customer Loyalty Discounts are entirely automatic!
Every time you order or renew a CROSS Library Subscription, the discount is automatically calculated for your order–no coupons, no wondering if you got the best rate, etc. Each year you renew, you may get a deeper discount rate based on your subscription period providing you even more savings until you reach the top tier of savings available!

In the interest of flexibility in these trying times of inflation, we reserve the right to adjust both pricing and discounts as-needed.

In the economy of 2022, we must lay aside long-term pricing commitments. We reserve the right to adjust pricing as-needed. After 30 days, any pending orders will automatically be canceled by our system to keep things running smoothly. In terms of Customer Loyalty Discounts, you do not lose anything, but if pricing has increased while your order was pending, renewing your subscription may cost more.

While subscription prices can rise over time, we are doing the best we can to help mute the effects by offering our longer-term customers these new Customer Loyalty Discounts!

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