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Welcome to your CROSS Library Cloud Update!

(this page last updated August 2nd, 2021)

We are glad you have updated to our new cloud-based system!
Here are a few tips to get you started…
(First, you might wish to print this page for reference later.)

A few notes regarding our August 2021 update

We noticed July 30th that a recent server upgrade caused problems with Internet Restore, Rebuild, and Backup. The good news is that ALL backups made during the problem timeframe were received and stored correctly–even though error messages were shown after the backup. You will need to have this August 2021 cloud update installed to resolve all issues with these functions. This is an important update because you may need to Restore a database backup–this update is required for that to work correctly!

A few notes regarding our July 2021 update

The following are a few changes you will notice in the July 2021 version:
1. The little ‘cube’ icon for the ‘CROSS Library Helper’ has changed to a ‘little Books icon.’ We will refer to it as the little ‘Books’ icon from now on in most cases. (Please be patient as the update of our terminology in all places may take some time.)
2. To open CROSS Library, just dbl-click the ‘little Books icon’ (in the tray / notification area). If that doesn’t work, you may dbl-click the ‘Desktop Books icon’ on the desktop to close and completely re-open CROSS Library. (This takes a bit longer but might be necessary at times.) We just want to mention these two methods to re-open CROSS Library when needed. These will be referenced from time-to-time in our documentation.
3. This version of CROSS Library provides you version information for Windows and CROSS Library–just right-click on the ‘little Books icon’ in your system tray to see it. The bottom 2-3 lines of the menu should reflect your Java version being used, Windows (or Linux Mint) version and bitness, and the CROSS Library version information on the last menu item.
4. We recommend that you backup your database(s) as soon as possible. If you have been using CROSS Library in this session, let’s get a clean restart by dbl-clicking on the little ‘Books’ icon in your system tray to re-open it. (If it fails to re-open, dbl-click the ‘Books’ icon on your desktop.) After CROSS Library is re-opened, click ‘File / Backup L17 database… / to Internet…’ and wait (CROSS Library will minimize and display prompting for each step of the process). If it just sits there for awhile, please wait. It can take awhile on the last step. You want to wait for the ‘confirmation prompt’ which will come up when everything is completed. When you click OK on that prompt, the database will be re-opened and ready-to-use! (If you have multiple databases, don’t forget to File/Close and repeat this backup process for each database.)

Well, that’s enough to get you started for now! Let us know if you run into trouble.

NOTE: Cloud backup (internet backup) is highly recommended to protect your databases. To use this service and to get further software updates, requires an active CROSS Library Subscription. If you need to renew your CROSS Library Subscription, you may do so here.

You can upload a backup using the following:
1. Dbl-click on the little ‘Books’ icon in the system tray (by the time and date)
(This re-opens CROSS Library giving you a fresh session and is required for best operation during the backup process.)
2. Click File / Backup L17 File / to Internet… menu option in CROSS Library.
3. If prompted, select your database to backup. (If no prompt appears, you are backing up the currently-active database.)

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