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CROSS Library Mint Download

Note: Both download options on this page are for 64-bit Windows or Apple systems. If you are unsure which to use after reading, please call for assistance.

Remote Desktop Assistance–If you have the AnyDesk icon on your desktop, open it at this time.  If you have not downloaded it previously, you may do so using this link: AnyDesk.exe here, then click ‘Download Now’, and open it before you call.  (Just open it–there is no need to install it when prompted.)

CROSS Library Mint

A) CROSS Library Mint Installation

This page is for installing CROSS Library Mint the first time onto 64-bit Windows or Apple OS X. We handle the installation and configuration of CROSS Library Mint for first-use.  (We will configure your system, install the latest system and drivers updates, connect your printers, and optimize your system to well for you.)

To get started, please review the requirements below. To save time on the phone, please download the 4 links listed below in the ‘CROSS Library Mint DOWNLOAD‘ section below, ensure your CROSS Library Subscription is up-to-date, then give us a call at 1-877-615-7230 (press 2 for support).


1. You will need to have a current CROSS Library Subscription in order to download and install the latest version. If your subscription has lapsed, you may order the CROSS Library Subscription (1 Year) at our Secure Online Store

NOTE: Before you proceed with the next download option, ensure your system has 64-bit Windows or Apple OS X, and a bare minimum of 4GB RAM (8GB recommended).
Note: If your operating system type is not 64-bit, you need this link. If you have questions, please call 1-877-615-7230 (press 2 for support), for assistance.  We also offer our CROSS Library Mint Laptops.)


  1. Download and Save the files below (ALL ARE REQUIRED)
    (updated Feb. 16th, 2023–auto-updates as necessary):
    CROSS Library Mint Download #1
    CROSS Library Mint Download #2
    CROSS Library Mint Download #3
    CROSS Library Mint Download #4
    CROSS Library Mint Download #5
    CROSS Library Mint Download #6
    CROSS Library Mint Download #7
    CROSS Library Mint Download #8
    CROSS Library Mint Download #9
    CROSS Library Mint Download #10
    CROSS Library Mint Download #11
    CROSS Library Mint Download #12
  2. PLEASE NOTE: If your Network Admin needs to provide credentials for administrative authority to install software, please direct them to this page for the best upgrade experience and least wasted time for everyone involved.
  3. We recommended you download VirtualBox 7 (recommended) Download and Save these 3 required files:
    Microsoft VC++ 2019 Redis (required for VBox 7.x installs)
    Oracle VirtualBox Extension Pack 7.x (May 6th, 2024)
    Oracle VirtualBox Installer 7.x (May 6th, 2024)
  4. If your version of Windows needs an older alternate download to step #3 above, you may download the legacy 6.1.x versions of these files directly from
  5. Call CROSS Systems, Inc. at 1-877-615-7230 (press 2 for support) for installation assistance.  We will request your ID and Password to connect to your desktop and then handle the remaining steps to install and configure this version of CROSS Library and to give you a quick tour of how to use it.

    AVOID DELAYS: As in any installation process, if your user account is limited, we may need you (or your network administrator) to enter credentials at the installation prompts for the latest VirtualBox and Extension Pack (both of them).  If your network administrator wishes to install the latest VirtualBox and Extension Pack (found in Vbox/Preferences) prior to your call for us to install CROSS Library Mint, that is fine and will likely save us time.  You may download using the links above, and call us to install CROSS Library even if you do not have credentials (or understand this statement).  We will let you know during the call if we cannot proceed without special access.  We want you to be aware of this possibility so you can obtain install credentials ahead of time, if necessary, to help you avoid delays during the installation process.

  6. (First time users only) CREATE A NEW DATABASE
    Note: If you are a first-time user, you must use ‘File/New (Library Database)’ option on the Library 1.7 menu bar to create your first database.  You may enter the name of your library when prompted. This name displays on reports, book labels, as well as on the main screen of the software.  Please keep the default file name shown on your screen. There is usually no need to change that field. When you click OK, the new database is created, and you may enter your first record–even if it is a test record.
  7. (Important) With your main database open, configure the default database by clicking ‘Help/Web Links/Use this as the default database’

B) Optional Manual Update for CROSS Library (if CROSS Library is not auto-updating)

(Important note: DO NOT INSTALL this update into Windows (open CROSS Library Mint, then download the following link using Firefox from inside Mint).

To get the latest updates for an existing CROSS Library Mint system that will not auto-update, you may: Download to UPDATE CROSS Library Mint

In short, you only need this download if your previously installed CROSS Library Mint does not automatically update (if it is stuck at a version older than February 2020).

First, open CROSS Library Mint, then open Firefox and download the link above. Then, be sure to right-click on the file, Cut and Paste it into the bookmarked folder drive_c (or the sf_PDF folder), then launch it from THAT LOCATION. If you do not do this, the installer may give an error and not complete normally. If you have trouble, give us a call for assistance at 1-877-615-7230 (press 2 for support).)
Note: We modified our configuration to resolve the issue in the future. This issue ONLY IMPACTS customers running CROSS Library Mint on their Windows desktop. This will no longer be an issue after your next Mint install performed starting with our March 2020 image versions.


Known Issues & FAQs

Q: Find fails to display after I get a ‘Not Found’ prompt. What do I do?

A: First, call for updates. The latest WINE updates resolve this issue entirely. This means that we can install the latest WINE updates to resolve it. This problem was due to a WINE bug–not a CROSS Library bug. We can update WINE on your system as of October 2021 and after to resolve this issue. Also, the November 2021 CROSS Library Mint download has been updated to resolve this issue entirely, so new customers will not have this problem.

Q: “My keyboard locks up, or the system is frozen.  What should I do?”

A: First, you may be having trouble with window a ‘window focus issue’ that we have noticed in ‘Keywords/Phrases’ and Comments dialogs where focus can be on a window hiding behind the main CROSS Library window.  Try dragging the application window to the side a bit (in any direction) to see if a window is hiding behind CROSS Library, then click on that window and click OK or Cancel when done.  Focus will return to the main application and you will be able to continue working as usual at this point.
UPDATED IN 2021: We have released updates to resolve this issue in ‘top-level’ windows (Comments, Keywords, Find, Search, etc.). That means that this issue is only found in windows opened under ‘Keywords/Phrases’. In other words, we have resolved 80% of the problem via a CROSS Library update. You must have an active CROSS Library Subscription and call for support to get the latest updates installed in order to resolve this issue.

Q: “When I open CROSS Library Mint after closing it, it displays an error.  What can I do to fix it?”

A: Previous versions of Virtualbox have a bug that prevented the system from re-opening after ‘saving the machine state’ in VirtualBox 6.0.4 and 6.0.6.  The bug has been fixed in VirtualBox 6.0.8.  You can download the latest version of VirtualBox software using the “VirtualBox download link” above on this page, give us a call, and we can update it and get you back on-track.  We’re happy to do it, and there is no need to worry, we can get it back up and running in short order.  If you wish, you may download and open that installer.  Just installing this update is enough to prevent the problem.  (See the next question for recovery steps.)  

Q: I get an error when opening CROSS Library Mint.  What do I need to do to get it to open again? 

A: Good News!  The Mint system has only failed to come out of hibernation. To fix the problem, we can help you discard the saved state allowing Mint to restart.  Call us and press 2 for support, and we will get it reset for you.  This is the easiest if/when this problem occurs.  (If  you UPGRADED VirtualBox, when the Manager opens after installation, select the ‘CROSS Library’ instance, and click ‘Discard saved state’, then re-open ‘CROSS Library’, and watch as it boots back up.

This error can also occur if your Windows system went to sleep and did not correctly save the system state along with a few other causes (preventative solutions indicated below). 

SOLUTION #1:  Download and update using the ‘Oracle VirtualBox Installer’ download link provided above.  (When the Manager opens after installation, select the ‘CROSS Library’ instance, and click ‘Discard saved state’, then re-open ‘CROSS Library’, and watch as it boots back up.)  This update resolves the problem.

SOLUTION #2: We usually configure systems running Mint to HIBERNATE vs. SLEEP and avoid hybrid sleep modes.  This has helped reduce these types of issues. 

SOLUTION #3: The other thing to remember is to close out of CROSS Library Mint before allowing Windows to restart for Windows Updates.  We recommend closing the CROSS Library window with the X in the upper-right-hand corner and selecting ‘Save the machine state…’ allowing the Mint system to hibernate correctly. 

SOLUTION #4: At times, you may still get an error opening CROSS Library.  If you call we will open the VirtualBox console (Start/Oracle VM VirtualBox), select ‘CROSS Library’, discard the saved state,  and then click on the ‘CROSS Library’ icon down on the application bar to give Mint a fresh start.  This always solves the problem–it just takes quite a bit longer than a hibernate cycle.

Q: (2019-February or earlier) Ctrl or Alt KEYS MAY RESPOND DIFFERENTLY THAN EXPECTED…(Expected behavior via configuration (available as of 2019-02-22–call for support).

A: All installs after 2019-02-25 will have the expected defaults.
—PROMPTS and OPEN MENUS (underlined key in the option) such as Alt-Y for YES or Alt-N for NO may respond to TAPPING the Alt key vs. HOLDING IT DOWN as done in Windows.
–Just remember, if Library doesn’t respond to your input, try TAPPING ALT and then pressing your Y or N letter as desired. Ctrl-W can be pressed together, if it doesn’t work, try TAPPING Ctrl followed by pressing W.
—In Menus (when a menu is open), remember, just press the underlined letter displayed, the system will accept the underlined option.


  1. Click Mint Menu button
  2. Type Keyboard in the search box and press enter.
  3. Click on ‘Keyboard (Set your keyboard preferences)’
  4. Select the ‘Accessibility’ tab.
  5. Uncheck any selected items, and ensure that ‘Disable sticky keys if two keys are pressed together’ is CHECKED.
  6. Select ‘Layouts’ tab and click ‘Options…’ button.
  7. Click on ‘Miscellaneous compatibility options’ and ensure ‘Special keys (Ctrl+Alt+<key>) handled in the server’ is CHECKED and click CLOSE button on both dialogs.
  8. This solution is working in our configuration here, and has been integrated into our next updated download to be available next week (end of May 2019).

Q: I cannot get CROSS Library Mint to match entries as in Windows where you type the first matching letters and the entry gets matched in the list as you go.
KNOWN ISSUE: SUBJECTS Dropdown typing/lookup behavior is different (Windows vs. Mint drop-downs lookup) —DETAIL: AUTHOR, PUBLISHER, MEDIA TYPE, CLASSIFICATION are unaffected–in these fields, just type a portion of the name and press the down-arrow to select the matched entry, and press Tab to move to the next field.
–Windows: SUBJECTS does whole-value matching as you type
–Mint: SUBJECTS does ‘First letter matching only’ (You may keep pressing first letter to review/match next or, follow the directions below to get the expected result.)

A: The following GETS you the EXPECTED RESULT in SUBJECTS:
a) Our View List function provides the expected result (On the Subjects field, press Ctrl-W, then press V for (View List), then type directly as you did in Windows and press enter when done, if your desired entry is not shown, click Ctrl-W and press A to add the new entry.)
   (The above procedure works in both Windows and Mint in exactly the same way.)
b) IN-PROGRESS: CROSS is Researching WINE / Mint adjustments or alternate code libraries to provide the exact same experience as Windows, if possible.

Q: I am having a problem with my latest CROSS Library.  What do I do?

A: We have moved to a rapid release cycle in 2019 due to customer request to rapidly provide increased compatibility support and features.  We often will have an fix for a bug you might be seeing by the time you call.  Check this download page to see our latest download dates.  We are working on how to best notify each customer concerning these updates.  When you call 1-877-615-7230, you will hear your account’s software update status if your phone# is in our system.  Our phone system DOES NOT CURRENTLY reflect Mint updates, so you might not be aware of our latest Mint update when you call (we intend  to update this to include Mint updates as soon as possible).

Q: I have the latest Mint, but I am having a printing problem.  What can I do?

A: WHAT TO DO: Download the latest VirtualBox Installer (3rd link above), then, call CROSS Systems, Inc. 1-877-615-7230 (press 2 for support) to install it and update the Guest Additions correctly.  We will help you test print from CROSS Library to validate that the issue you are having is resolved.  (Some users been affected by intermittent print scaling leading to mis-alignment or distortion of print.  These issues did NOT occur 100% of the time and not on all systems, and they normally led to support callbacks after initial testing.  We have researched and upgraded to VirtualBox 6 which has resolved the issues for everyone so far.  We will help validate after this upgrade and keep an eye on the situation to ensure CROSS Library is printing correctly on each system.  We upgraded our links to VirtualBox 6 to resolve printing issues related to VirtualBox 5.2.x versions used up until February 15th, 2019.)

Q: Is this what I need to install on my new Windows computer?

A: Yes, as of October 2018, the installation steps shown above are what you need to run CROSS Library on most systems (including all editions of Windows 11, Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and even Mac OS X, and Unix/Linux systems).

The ONLY exception is if you have a 32-bit version of Windows, in that case please call 1-877-615-7230 (press 2 for support).

Q: Is there an easy way to easily (re)install browsers and other software I prefer when I move to a new computer?

A: Yes!  Ninite.exe is a free and handy utility to install Chrome, Firefox, Zip, your favorite PDF viewer, free antivirus, etc.  It’s very easy to use and will usually speed the process of configuring and updating your system’s apps and features.  If you wish, you can run it while downloading CROSS Library, but be aware that your network connectivity will be a bottleneck while doing both together.


(Information and links beyond this point should not be used except by CROSS Support Personnel):

Links for use by support personnel:
Cloud Support Tools (Windows and WINE)

Any version of VirtualBox downloads can be found here, if needed for specific problem resolution or compatibility needs (the verified version is above on this page–use these only under advice of your tech person):
Oracle’s VirtualBox download site

Note: Some computers do not have hardware virtualization capability. If THIS is the case, CROSS Systems, Support may choose to NOT INSTALL onto that specific system. (We will help you locate and enable Virtualization support if your system has this capability and it is simply disabled. It is a good idea to have a tech person enable Virtualization in your system setup prior to calling for installation support due to the complexity of locating the correct setting on various systems.) Since 2020, many new computers come with virtualization enabled. This was often not the case in previous years for many computer brands and models. If absolutely necessary, the latest 6.0.x version of Virtual Box that can be used at the above link when hardware virtualization is unavailable, be forewarned, it will be SLOW — it is usually better to install onto another PC entirely instead of frustrating yourself to use an PC with inadequate capabilities.

ALSO, to cover some odd cases, CROSS Library Mint CAN BE INSTALLED onto 32-bit systems if the system has sufficient RAM and CPU clock speed (> 3 Ghz).  This is a version of VirtualBox (5.2.26) install for 32-bit Windows only and is intended for special situations where your specific Windows configuration is incompatible with the CROSS Library Legacy version installed directly on your 32-bit Windows system):

  1. A 32-bit Windows compatible legacy Oracle VirtualBox Installer (for 32-bit Windows only) (not recommended for most systems)
  2. The Legacy Oracle VirtualBox Extension Pack to use with above link (for 32-bit Windows only) (not recommended for most systems)

Deprecated 32-bit Legacy Installer (legacy installer for 32-bit Windows):
CROSS Library Legacy Download Process–NO LONGER NEEDED OR RECOMMENDED FOR USE AS OF 2019-01-01!

October 2019 Microsoft Windows Updates which broke 32-bit Windows systems to the place where uninstalling the offending Windows Update WAS REQUIRED to open CROSS Library Legacy.  Microsoft HAS FIXED this issue (on the 3rd week of November for most systems followed by a patch for Windows Pro editions by the 3rd week of December 2019). INSTALL ALL WINDOWS UPDATES, RESTART, and be sure to CHECK AGAIN for any more WINDOWS UPDATES until NONE ARE AVAILABLE. This automatically fixes the problem in Windows. As an alternative, CROSS Library Mint is our long-term alternative plan to Windows.  We will continue to provide both CROSS Library Mint as well as CROSS Library for 32-bit Windows as long as Microsoft can keep their systems functional. We continue to offer both hardware upgrades and download for any 64-bit OS including Windows, Apple OS X, and Unix/Linux systems which are not impacted by Windows Updates due to intentional and helpful isolation from the instability of the Windows platform.

If you have an AnyDesk icon on your desktop, open it at this time.  If you do not see it on your desktop, we ask you get the AnyDesk Download for Remote Assistance, then click the ‘DOWNLOAD NOW’ button provided at that page, to download the version for your system, and open it before you call.

Call CROSS Systems, Inc. at 1-877-615-7230 (press 2 for support) for installation assistance.  We will request your ID and Password to connect to your desktop and then handle the remaining steps to install and configure this version of CROSS Library and to give you a quick tour of how to use it.

Call us now!