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CROSS Library Mint January 2022 Updates…

Welcome to 2022! We have new updates available for CROSS Library Mint for anyone having trouble.
We have updated our download page with the latest VirtualBox version. It provides a faster and better experience than ever before for CROSS Library Mint!

With the latest updates to WINE in Mint, the Find feature issues of the past several months are resolved.

KNOWN ISSUE: SOLVED as of 1/31/2022–We found a new bug affecting Search where the ‘Viewing X searched records’ was not displaying correctly on the screen. We have deployed a new version of CROSS Library Mint to resolve this issue.
UPDATED (Jan. 27, 2022): If you notice the problem, click and drag across the ‘Viewing frame’ (just above the navigation arrows), the window will repaint the area displaying the expected text correctly. IMPORTANT: Call us to update your CROSS Library Mint if you have this problem. We can handle that in a few minutes saving you any trouble with this issue. In any case, always be sure to clear your search options by clicking ‘Search / Clear Search Options’ whenever you are done using Search to clear the search and revert back to viewing all records. You can do the same via the keyboard by pressing Alt-r (for Search) followed by L (to Clear Search Options).

SOLUTION: Call CROSS Systems, Inc. for support. We will resolve this issue by reverting to the latest stable WINE update (WINE 6.0.4) to resolve this issue. We have also updated our download page with the fix so customers downloading CROSS Library Mint after 1/31 will not have this issue.

We will be announcing new updates soon to allow everyone to catalog items on the web. With that announcement we expect to provide a choice of subscription options providing various price points and features depending on your needs.

Call us now!