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CROSS Library November 2021 Update…

CROSS has updates ready for CROSS Library Mint!

This update resolves a compatibility issue with FIND where a ‘not found’ condition results in strange behavior which appears to disable the Find function.

VirtualBox is also updated and tested with this update leading to further improved performance, stability, and compatibility.

If CROSS Library is causing you any issues and you would like help installing this update, please call 1-877-615-7230 and press 2 during the menu options for support assistance. Otherwise, the steps below are provided for your tech person to use…

This update is quite simple for those of you who have updated during 2021. In most of these cases, we can update your existing installation with the latest Linux updates to get it resolved.

For those with older installations (mid-2020 or prior), it is faster and better to upgrade your CROSS Library Mint image. The benefits of this newer image includes improved efficiency due to a new kernel and all updates pre-installed, a clean well-tested environment, and improved configuration.

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