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CROSS Library Software Latest Updates…

A few recent updates…

Q2 2021:
June update smooths launch and various scripts in CROSS Library Mint
May update fixes long-term problem with Comments, Keywords, Search, and Find windows in CROSS Library Mint…

Q1 2020:
Our new auto-update system is handling more software updates than ever 
before making your job easier and saving us all time!  (A manual update is 
required before your computer is on the auto-update-system.)

February 20th, 2020:
Updates to our installer improves CROSS Library's continued compatibility 
with XP Pro, Vista, and Windows 7.

January 24th, 2020:
A new update improves CROSS Library's ability to handle data recovery even 
better even after events such as power outages or system crashes!

November 26th, 2019:
This new update connects CROSS Library to our new cloud servers!  This 
update provides the latest Java and all previous updates to CROSS Library.

2019: We upgraded our cloud servers with the most up-to-date Linux servers 
along with CROSS Library updates for much-improved security, stability, and 
performance.  Many efforts came together with this update.  The stability has been phenomenal after hosting on Windows for years!

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