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CROSS Library Update (Nov. 6th)

We are announcing our CROSS Library Update for November 2020. For any who have had issues opening CROSS Library recently, you may just allow CROSS Library to prompt you to install the update from our automatic update system as you use CROSS Library.

(If you do not see a prompt for this update and need to download and install this update manually, please call for assistance and we will verify it is installed for you. If you have the latest version, your CROSS Library should show something like CROSS Library 2020 (ver. 11.05….) on the last line of the menu when you right-click the little books icon in the tray.

This update resolves issues with CROSS Library desktop icons and scripts used in CROSS Library Mint including:
Re-open Library CROSS Library Mint (Desktop Books Icon)
Backup to Disk icon CROSS Library Mint desktop icon

Nature of problems resolved: ‘Hanging’ when using the mentioned icons.
Please Note: Only dbl-click these icons once, then give time for the scripts to run. Other than slowness on some under-powered systems, these icons function consistently well’ with this update. Remember, we also sell these CROSS Library Mint Laptops with CROSS Library pre-installed if your existing Windows system is getting too slow or too old.

(As always, if you had to install this update manually, our auto-update system will keep you up-to-date AFTER this update is installed manually as long as your CROSS Library Subscription is active.)

How do I get the latest update?

  1. Ensure your CROSS Library Subscription is current.
  2. If CROSS Library is a recent version (since Feb 2020), connect to your network, then just open CROSS Library and wait a few minutes, you will see update prompts to install the update. (Note: There may be 2 or 3 update prompts that you need to follow before the update process is complete and ready-to-use.)
  3. If manual update is required: If you are using any Windows 32-bit, you may manually download and install the latest update here.
  4. If you are running CROSS Library Mint, call for assistance in getting the latest updates (you will need more updates than just CROSS Library at this time).
  5. If your system is Windows Vista 64-bit or Windows 7 64-bit, please call for assistance in getting the latest updates.

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