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CROSS Library Update (Sept. 24th)

We are announcing our CROSS Library update for September 2020. For any who have had technical issues in your CROSS Library, you may download and install this update manually below or call for assistance, and we will install it for you.

What is included in this version:

  • The latest CROSS Library update as of Sept. 21 with important Automatic Updates improvements making it truly automatic and fast for most future CROSS Library updates. This update improves the delivery speed and ease of all updates delivered by the system (especially improving install-based updates).
  • Sept. 24th–Please note: We just updated our download today to include a database driver update step into our regular installer (as opposed to a manual step included in a manual process). A potential data loss issue (on some systems) was brought to our attention, and in our research today it appears a bug in our manual tool was causing this issue on some systems. While working on this, we decided to integrate this step into our regular installer for everyone to prevent potential loss wherever possible. Our auto-update system will deploy this update to your systems for those of you who have updated since March 2020. Please follow the prompt to INSTALL again even if you just installed an update since Sept. 21st. (The auto-update system tracks what you need and downloads each update accordingly, so you need the update when prompted because it includes the necessary changes.)
  • OpenJDK’s Java which eliminates any potential licensing obligations for Oracle’s proprietary Java platform.
  • Performance improvements
  • Testing, testing, and more testing!

NOTE: If CROSS Library does not update automatically and prompt you to ‘Re-open using the Desktop ICON’ followed by an INSTALL prompt, please call us to help you download it manually from our site to get you on-track. This manual update is only needed a single time to get your system on-track with our automatic update system.

How do I know if I need it?

  • If you are experiencing any issues with your existing CROSS Library, we recommend that you install this update.
  • If you have found CROSS Library to freeze for any reason, this update resolves several potential sources of this kind of problem.
  • If CROSS Library is slow on your system, this update will very likely help
  • If CROSS Library displays a ‘little gray cube’ in the system tray when you open CROSS Library (this is an older version of CROSS Library and you will need this update in order for CROSS Library to function properly on your system)
  • If you right-click the CROSS Library icon (the ‘little books icon’ in your system tray (notification area)) and the version information on the last menu item shows a date prior to September 16, 2020.
  • If your system is slow even after this update, consider whether it is time to upgrade your computer. Please consider our CROSS Library Mint laptop options here as you upgrade.  None of our system options include Windows, so CROSS Library Mint runs faster with less memory than required by Windows 10 systems.

Automatic Update Special Note:

Opening CROSS Library from your ‘Desktop books icon’ allows any pending updates to be installed before reloading CROSS Library for use. At times, you may be prompted to INSTALL the latest CROSS Library update.

Note: If CROSS Library simply reloads, usually this means everything has been updated and no pending installation is required to be done.

You may confirm your current version by right-clicking on the ‘little books icon’ in your notification area (system tray). The CROSS Library version information is displayed on the last menu item. It should say CROSS Library followed by a date version somewhat like 2020 (ver. 9.16) and some letters indicating to our techs what changes were made in this version.

A) For those using 32-bit Windows, use the following link to update.

B) For those using CROSS Library Mint, please update using the instructions under OPTION B at the following link:

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