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CROSS Library–what’s new?

The following is a general overview (not a complete list) of work being done by CROSS Systems, Inc. to support all of our customers’ libraries by improving our support options and keep things running well. (Please keep in mind that the benefits often have required us to reinstall CROSS Library in order for you to receive the benefits of our efforts listed here, so don’t be afraid to call for support if you have questions.)

In general date order…
1994-2018: Years of CROSS Library development, support, improvements of all kinds including hosting, cloud backup, data imports, conversions. We’re adding functions, services, updates while we expand and support the platform. In short, CROSS Library remains the best value in our industry!
2018-early 2019: CROSS Library Mint for a more-consistent 64-bit support experience (hardware upgrade or reinstall may be required to get the benefits of these upgrades)
mid-late 2019: CROSS cloud upgrades to remove Windows from our hosting systems improving service stability, compatibility, and security (software update required if CROSS Library is older than 2019-08-05)
late 2019-early 2020: CROSS cloud upgrades to improve internet backup functions
early 2020: New automatic update system capabilities added to the CROSS cloud to reduce our work and keep your CROSS Library up-to-date easily regardless of your Windows versions or system configuration (If your CROSS Library does not automatically upgrade to January 2020 automatically, an update may be required to get CROSS Library to use the new auto-update system–call for assistance and we will get you on-track.)
early 2020: Compatibility changes including upgrades to the latest Java 8 to resolve compatibility issues and improve performance
mid-2020: We are currently in the process of upgrading to the latest version of OpenJDK 8 to provide more compatibility and to ensure a no-cost use license of the Java platform.
mid-2020: Website redesign for improved security, performance, and to solve a problem where some orders were being duplicated. (This change saves us the time of manually fixing incorrect orders and keeps the system working bug-free when you renew your subscriptions.) Also, our new shopping cart easily lets you know easily if you have items remaining in your cart! This improvement helps you remain aware of what is going on when an order has not been fully submitted to our system for processing.
2020 Sale to help all of our customers affected by COVID-19: Renew your subscription now to get our best savings! (See ‘Renew Now’ button on our site–call if you have questions or any problem renewing online.)
early to mid-2020: So far this year, we have released 6 updates in our auto-update system, so we are on a roll! (Not all platforms have received these updates yet. Everyone should receive the updates as soon as your system passes testing and is qualified to receive the latest update. You will be prompted to install updates as they are made available for your system.)
June 2020: We have updated our website look and feel for improved ease-of-use! We also provided a new shopping cart, improved our download instructions, and will be improving and updating all of our content over time.

Auto-update notes:Your only requirement is to keep your CROSS Library Subscription up-to-date, to use CROSS Library, and to re-open CROSS Library as directed to apply the updates. Some updates require you to click ‘Install’ on our installer for technical reasons.

Concerning compatibility, we’ve got you covered! Our 64-bit compatibility is very good and has only a handful of differences compared to our legacy Windows support. We document all the functional differences in our ‘Getting Started Guide’ on the CROSS Library Mint desktop including procedures on how to best use the system. We are working every day on adding new functions to enhance and simplify CROSS Library even more in 2020!

64-bit Compatibility (via CROSS Library Mint):
Windows 10 64-bit 8GB RAM
Windows 8.1, 8, 7 64-bit 8GB RAM
Apple OS X 8GB RAM
Linux 64-bit

Full legacy system compatibility:
Windows 8.1 32-bit
Windows 8 32-bit
Windows 7 32-bit
Windows Vista 32-bit
Windows XP Pro 32-bit

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