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CROSS Library Subscription Free 30-day Extension

Thank you for checking into your free 30-day extension. Our system has automatically granted software updates to your account as described below.

What is this 30-day extension?:

We AUTOMATICALLY GRANT you a FREE 30-day extension where our system shows that CROSS Library software updates WERE NOT RECEIVED during your previous subscription term. In other words, our system shows that your account deserved updates which were not installed when you were qualified to receive them.

Since we consider that we owe you these updates and want to go the second mile to ensure you receive everything you purchased, our system automatically applies the MISSED UPDATES to your account as we send you emails or postcard renewal reminders. You are also granted a 30-day extension to make internet backups of your databases and get assistance with the software update as-needed to ensure things are working well.

How to get the latest updates:

You may go ahead and get the latest CROSS Library software update using this installer:

You need to download and install the update using the link above. (Be sure to turn off your anti-virus before running this installer to prevent from blocking the installer. Call for support if you have difficulty installing the update.)

NOTE: AFTER INSTALLING these updates, it is important to click File/Backup/to Internet… in CROSS Library and click YES to upload your latest data into our backup system. You are responsible to USE the internet backup process for each database you may have! We are NOT responsible for any data loss (if any would occur) if you have not run the backup process!

Important:  If we have your current email address on your account, you should have already received an email from us.  If you have not noticed an email from us recently, we advise that you search your email spam folder (steps shown below).  If you find your reminder email there, please click ‘Not Spam’ on that email to correctly receive future emails from us.  Then, open that email and click the ‘Free 30-day extension’ link.

The details on how to find and get your free extension are below:

  1. FIRST, if you received a ‘RENEWAL REMINDER’ postcard from us, you should have ALSO received an email from [email protected] with a subject something like: ‘ATTN: Librarian, It is time to renew your CROSS Library Subscription’….  (That email is sent to notify you of your CROSS Library Subscription expiry.  IF YOUR ACCOUNT QUALIFIES for the free extension, that email will include a link under the heading ‘RE-ACTIVATE FOR YOUR UPDATES’ to EXTEND your subscription at no cost for 30-days.  This is NOT a gimmick–it is to provide you the opportunity to install the latest software updates that you should have received under your previous subscription term.  This also provides you another opportunity to backup your databases to the cloud whether or not you decide to renew your subscription for another paid term or not.  You will need to follow the directions found at that link to extend your term for 30-days.)
  2. IF YOU DO NOT SEE THAT EMAIL, please check your SPAM folder, and if you find your reminder email there, click ‘Not Spam’ to correctly allow future emails from us, then open that email and click the link and follow the direction there to extend your subscription.  (The link is active for 90 days from the date of your email.  If your email is older than that, you will need to call us to update your email addresses in order to get another reminder email sent to you.)
  3. If you do NOT see an email from us in your SPAM folder, please call us at 1-877-615-7230 and press 1 to speak with a representative who can update your account with your current email address.  Our system normally will send another renewal reminder email after we update your addresses.

Thank you!

CROSS Systems, Inc.

Note: This free extension expires if not utilized 30 days from the date of your ‘LAST NOTICE’ (email, fax, or postcard).

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