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July 2021 – Printing update details…

1. Printing solutions: We found that some CROSS Library Mint customers have been having printing problems where an out-of-paper or paper-jam situation caused the printer to stop the print queue or in some cases restart printing the job from page #1. We modified CROSS Library to change this error-handling policy to ‘Retry Current Job’ for you automatically which allows the printer to behave much more in line with users’ expectations. (Most users do not expect a print job to restart from page #1 when the printer runs out of paper or jams–most expect the job to reprint the current page and continue printing normally after loading more paper or resolving a paper jam.)
Note: We also re-enable all printers when you use the ‘Re-open CROSS Library’ (Desktop Books icon). This can fix a large number of situations our customers’ systems may have where a printer was not working in the past. (If you have a printer stopped to prevent printing to it, we recommend that you cancel any pending failed print jobs in the print queues. Otherwise these jobs may be launched for printing(re-printing) when re-opening CROSS Library. To cancel any pending print jobs, just dbl-click the Printers icon, right-click on each of your printers and select ‘View Print Queue‘. You can then right-click and Cancel each job if desired.
2. Included in this update is a openJRE update bringing a good batch of performance and security updates for Java which CROSS Library uses to operate.

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