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July 2021 Updates…

CROSS has an update ready for CROSS Library Mint!

This update brings Java up-to-date for improved performance and security.

Solution for CROSS Library Find issue (on some systems):
A problem was reported in CROSS Library ‘Find’ when a ‘Not Found’ message is displayed on some systems. This CAN cause the Find function to not work properly until CROSS Library is re-opened. If you are having this problem, we can update your system to the latest Linux updates and the latest Linux kernel to fix this problem. If you having this problem, just call, and we are happy to get it resolved for you! (In some cases, we choose to download the latest CROSS Library Mint image to get you a clean start. This often resolves problems by giving you a clean start with our best R&D engineering apart from whatever problems your previous version may have had.)

(You do not need any further update for this issue if you see ‘Kernel:’ on the menu when you right-click the CROSS Library ‘little books icon’ in your notification area. That means you already have the fix in-place. If you have any trouble, call and we can likely help resolve it.)

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