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CROSS Library 1.7 Replacement Reports

CROSS has provided a utility to help you manage replacement reports. You may check if you already have this function via the following steps.

To locate this function:
1. Locate the ‘CROSS Library Helper’ tray icon (looks like a little blue cube notification tray icon).
2. Right-click this tray icon.
3. Click the Admin menu.
4. Click ‘Select Library 1.7 Replacement Reports’ provided on the Admin menu.
5. Use this function to view and select original or alternate report, label, or card formats in CROSS Library 1.7.

NOTE: If you cannot locate this function using the steps above, you may need to update CROSS Library by purchasing a CROSS Library Subscription. After your order is processed, you may install the latest version as provided in the download link and then follow the directions above.

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