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September 2020 Mint refresh…

We are announcing our CROSS Library Mint updates for September 2020. For any who have had technical issues in your CROSS Library Mint, call for assistance, and we will download this for you.

What is included in this version:

  • The latest CROSS Library update as of Sept. 16 with important Automatic Updates improvements making it truly automatic and fast for most future CROSS Library updates. This update improves the delivery speed and ease of all updates delivered by the system (especially improving install-based updates).
  • Hundreds of Linux Mint updates (fixing issues such as: printing, display/screen issues, system freezes, etc. and saving us installation time)
  • The latest Linux kernel for improved performance, stability, and security
  • Testing, testing, and more testing!
  • CUPS printing upgrades for improved printing support
  • WINE upgrade to version 5.x (resolves several compatibility issues and improves performance)
  • OpenJDK’s Java which eliminates any potential licensing obligations for Oracle’s proprietary Java platform. (This upgrade improved performance significantly.)
  • The latest Oracle VirtualBox updates (improves stability and performance)

Do I need it?:

  • If you are experiencing any issues with your existing CROSS Library Mint, we recommend that you call us to install this update.
  • If you have found CROSS Library to freeze for any reason, this update resolves several potential sources of this kind of problem.
  • If CROSS Library Mint is slow on your system, this update will very likely help
    (System Limitations Notes: Some computers themselves lack the resources to provide CROSS Library Mint what it needs to run adequately. Here are a few things to have your tech person(s) verify:
  • For CROSS Library Mint on Windows 10 systems, we recommend that your computer is at least a dual-core i3 2Ghz with L3 cache, with virtualization support and 8GB of RAM. If any of these specifications are lessor, your performance may suffer and upgrading your computer may be the next best thing to consider.)
  • We provide CROSS Library Mint system options here for your consideration which provide good performance. None of our system options include Windows, so CROSS Library Mint runs faster with less memory.

Automatic Update Special Note:

Occasionally opening CROSS Library from your ‘Desktop books icon’ on the Mint allows any pending updates to be installed before reloading CROSS Library for use. If CROSS Library simply reloads, no pending updates are available.

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