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Library 1.7 Download (Single-User)

NEW CROSS LIBRARY CUSTOMERS, If you have never purchased CROSS Library for use in your library before, you need to purchase this product to obtain a license.  You will receive a download link and email with installation instructions along with 90-days free of our CROSS Library Subscription which includes software updates, technical support, and CROSS Library related internet services to help you get started.

NOTE:  Once you have purchased CROSS Library for your library, you do NOT need to purchase another license in order to get the latest updates–In this case, please click here to see the available options to renew your CROSS Library Subscription which provides you the installer containing all of the latest software updates, technical support, and access to internet-based services during your subscription period…


Get started with a CROSS Library License

All new customers need to purchase this license.


CROSS Library Subscription (terms)

The CROSS Library Subscription includes cloud services, software updates, and support via phone, email, and remote desktop sessions for installation, configuration, general assistance, and troubleshooting during the selected term.


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CROSS Library 1.7 for Windows is our latest library software application.

New customers need to purchase a CROSS Library License via this product.  This includes the software license each new customer needs to get started as well as 90-days free of the CROSS Library Subscription as described.

(If you purchased CROSS Library in the past, you should purchase a CROSS Library Subscription in order to re-install of the available updates and provides both internet backup service and support. This subscription model helps us maintain and expand compatibility with our existing software and to expand features in the current products over time.)


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CROSS Library Subscription Options

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CROSS Library Subscription (terms)


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