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CROSS Library Subscription

From: $120.00 / year

This subscription includes support, cloud services, and software updates for CROSS Library as they are released. Please select the term that best fits your needs and budget with longer terms being less expensive on an annual basis.  If you renew your subscription on-time (or early), you may save the Sign-Up fees each year leading to long-term savings.  (In 2019, we have moved to a ‘pure subscription sales model’ to offer more savings and encourage timely renewals in contrast to our earlier hybrid model of License / Subscription which was getting difficult to maintain without adding increasing overhead and costs for everyone.)


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This is how you renew or extend your CROSS Library Subscription.

The CROSS Library Subscription includes:
-installation and upgrade service via our Remote menu option (using Anydesk)
-technical support via phone or email (we may ask you to run our Anydesk so we can access your desktop during the call)
-cloud services (internet services)
-software updates for CROSS Library 1.7 released during your term

A download link is provided for your convenience and is available for use during the term of your subscription with a limited number of downloads. (If necessary, you can always use our regular download page.)

You may choose the term of your subscription from the options provided. We provide longer terms for better annual cost value.

(Note: If you experience any trouble with your download, please call. We are glad to provide installation/update assistance to help you get the details correct. We also are glad to do installation and updates via remote assistance under this support subscription where we can connect to your computer and remotely install, update, and configure CROSS Library for your needs, if desired. This makes your job much easier in terms of reduced technical burden.)

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