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CROSS Library Desktops

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Out-of-the-box experience provided for your convenience with the following done for you:

-OS installed, activated, and updated to save you the time and hassle of the process
-Secure settings configured
-Basic antivirus configured and up-to-date
-CROSS Library installed and configured to auto-open your default database
-Your latest internet backup restored to the system.  (You will need to verify that your latest data is present as you begin working.)

Network Details

All systems we provide include 802.11ac and 802.11b/g/n wireless capability.  In most cases, this will work well as-is with your existing wireless network.

If you can provide your network type (specifically the type of 802.11 network as in: a/b/c/g/n) to us, we can help verify that you are ready-to-go.  Some of our systems also include a LAN port which you can use to connect using a network cable.

Click the ‘Additional Information‘ tab for system and hardware specifications

CROSS Library Subscription

If you never purchased a CROSS Library Subscription or if it has expired, you may Resubscribe for continued software updates and support.  A license to use CROSS Library is included as part of your first CROSS Library Subscription. CROSS Library Subscription is required for new customers.

System Type

Operating System



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Antivirus Protection

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