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Don’t spend hours on download, configuration, and Windows optimization in order to use CROSS Library on a Windows system!  With this system, all of this is done before you even open the box!  You also no longer need to waste time waiting for Windows Updates to finish!  (Unlike Windows, in Linux Mint you NEVER need to wait to start or shutdown for updates to be applied.)  It just works!

These systems ALL have the following for your convenience:
-System installed, secured, and ready-to-use
Word processing and Spreadsheet software installed
-CROSS Library Mint installed and configured to auto-open your default database
-CROSS Library Mint connected to the CROSS Cloud for improved service, cloud-based backup, and automatic software updates!
-Your latest cloud backup restored to the system.  (You will need to verify that your latest data is present as you begin working.)
-All possible installation, activation, and configuration done out-of-the-box for you!
-Secure settings configured
-Basic antivirus configured and up-to-date
-Best Configuration settings from customer feedback


Highly Recommended 64-bit Linux Mint laptops  -If you are tired of Windows Updates affecting your computer’s performance, and you want something that just works, this option is for you.

Printer Details

Many printer drivers are pre-installed.  We will assist in installing and configuring a workable printer driver for your printer.  When you receive your system, call us, and we will help you finish up the printer and verify that everything is in-order!  That way, we can work with you to verify a couple of test prints to ensure that everything is working properly in your environment.  We also take this time to document any special configuration on your account notes to help us assist you on future support calls.


We can install printer drivers in Linux Mint EVEN WHERE COMPATIBILITY IS NOT DECLARED by the vendor.  We install the drivers for your specific printer(s) after you receive your laptop.  MOST PRINTERS WORK FINE–even printers without documented Linux support.  We have MANY options available when configuring your printers and most printers work well with CROSS Library Mint.

Alternative printing options (if necessary):

We highly recommend 64-bit Linux Mint Laptops in comparison to a system running Windows — We will work to configure your printer for you.  If we cannot, you might consider using another printer for CROSS Library.  This is not normally the situation, but we are listing it for your awareness.

TROUBLE CONFIGS: WHEN ENABLED, the following printer features CAN CAUSE TROUBLE with some printer drivers:
-billing codes
-user authentication
-departmental printing codes
-secure print
(In these cases, printer compatibility may be easily provided via a vendor-supplied printer driver.  You may also print from CROSS Library to the PDF printer, then copy, view, and print that document on a Windows system using the printer driver of choice as a work-around, if necessary.  We provide basic instructions in our Getting Started Guide.)

In some cases, it is fairly easy to print to PDF in CROSS Library, copy the PDF files across your network, and View/Print that file using a Windows printer driver.  We can configure a desktop shortcut to copy the PDF files to a USB FlashDrive or network to your Windows system for easy printing to your printer if this is a requirement.

If you require use of one of the above ‘TROUBLE CONFIGS’, we can help research compatibility before you purchase a CROSS Library Mint Laptop.

Network Details

All systems we provide include wireless capability.  In most cases, this will work well as-is with your existing wireless network.
Some of our systems also include a LAN port which you can use to connect using a network cable, if desired.

Click the ‘Additional Information‘ tab for system and hardware specifications

CROSS Library Subscription

If you never purchased a CROSS Library Subscription or if it has expired, you may Resubscribe for continued software updates and support.  A license to use CROSS Library is included as part of your first CROSS Library Subscription. CROSS Library Subscription is required for new customers.

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