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Laptop Refurbish to CROSS Library Mint


Mail-in Laptop Refurbish Upgrade to CROSS Library Mint

(With this service, you mail your laptop to us and we upgrade/reinstall CROSS Library Mint onto it and mail it back.  This replaces everything on your laptop including Windows with Linux Mint 19.3 or newer.  Please backup anything you wish to keep before shipping your laptop to us for this service.  Also, consider the present performance of your laptop.  If it is fairly fast, it’s a great candidate for this service upgrade.  If it’s REALLY SLOW–as in an Windows XP system that is too slow to run XP due to its age and lack of Memory, etc., then it might be worth purchasing a new laptop instead of attempting this upgrade.  This option is normally best if your existing laptop is working well and you just want to move off of Windows and keep it in-service in your library for more years to come.)

If you order this service, you will need to mail your laptop to us at our address below:
CROSS Systems, Inc.
PO BOX 716
Brownsboro, TX  75756-0716

Please give us 6-8 weeks for processing and return.
We will notify you with tracking information when your laptop has been shipped back to you.



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This item is what you need to ship us your laptop and have it refurbished to run CROSS Library Mint.

We install Ubuntu Linux Mint 19.3 or later on it along with CROSS Library, configure everything for you, link to your cloud account for internet backup/restore, restore your latest database backup(s).  When we’re done, we update and test everything from graphics drivers to WIFI drivers and test it all to ensure everything works as expected.

We OPTIONALLY can upgrade your hard drive (the part that most often fails in a computer over years of use) with an SSD drive.  (An SSD drive has no mechanical parts and is very often noticeably faster giving your system a performance boost of up to 3-5 times depending on the particular system itself.  This helps rejuvenate an older system giving the system a more usable and longer lifespan than otherwise possible.)

IMPORTANT: The optional SSD upgrade replaces the hard drive (the main mechanical part that also tends to cause system failure after 5-10 years). This optional upgrade will usually give your system a much longer lifetime of service for a low cost and just makes sense if your system is 4 or 5 years old at this time.  So, the benefits of the optional SSD upgrade are: Both speed and reliability.

If you want that optional upgrade to SSD, be sure to select that option before ordering.

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