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We are pleased to announce that we have an update for CROSS Library Mint which resolves the cloud outage. This update works on 64-bit systems only.

This issue is resolved with the latest CROSS Library Mint update –get it here:

We have just completed development and testing on this new system, and it is ready for you. Over 10 years of software updates to portions of CROSS Library are included. This update switches each customer who downloads it to use our new cloud system and opens the door to future use of our web-based system as we continue that development.

Legacy 32-bit Windows: This update does NOT run on legacy 32-bit Windows systems (32-bit Windows 10, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, ME, 98, 95, or older). We currently recommend upgrading to CROSS Library Mint if you need immediate restoration of service while we work to provide an update for these older Windows versions. See our ‘CROSS Library Mint’ systems at

We expect to be able to update CROSS Library for 32-bit Windows systems. We expect that to take a couple of months until it is available.

32-bit Windows 10: We CAN re-install Windows 10 32-bit systems to 64-bit if you have 4GB or more RAM on your system.
RAM Recommendation: If your system has 4GB RAM or less, we recommend that you upgrade that to 8GB RAM to provide good performance considering the higher RAM requirements of 64-bit Windows for anything other than the simplest of applications. (Windows 64-bit itself takes about 600MB more RAM than 32-bit just to load.)

OUTAGE (May 16-24, 2019)

We are currently having difficulty with our internet backup system. If you are experiencing trouble, when making backups, please click on the ‘Terminate this program’ option provided.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Even if our internet backup system is down, just attempting the backup makes a local backup of the database on your system. So, in an emergency, you will still have that backup coverage.

What happened?

CROSS Systems, Inc. was upgrading servers, and the existing backup system fails to login to our new database server. Also, database drivers needed to be upgraded in current backup system causing a complex problem.

What is being done?

August 5th: This is resolved with the latest CROSS Library Mint update (currently available for 64-bit Windows systems only) –get it here:

May 24th: We are working with our hosting provider to resolve the issue. It appears that the remaining issue we have is that our database is not allowing requests to process. Other than that, it looks like we’re almost ready to go. We’ll post on the news site and update this one when it’s all done. UPDATE: We opted to update CROSS Library move all customers to our brand new cloud services available in August 2019 rather than maintain two clouds. The causes of our cloud problems earlier this year are resolved in this new system.

The database driver issue may be resolved with a new set of Windows Updates possibly resolve this second issue.

We will also be providing a new internet backup / restore utility in the next few days to close this gap. We have been working on this new utility with the intent of replacing the existing system to upgrade it anyway. We will provide instructions how to use it upon delivery.

Thank you for your patience as we resolve this issue and improve the system.

CROSS Systems, Inc.

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