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Time to upgrade–status of support for older 32-bit XP and Vista systems…

It’s 2021! Wow, so much has happened over the past year!

We want you all to be aware that while CROSS Systems, Inc. has supported CROSS Library on legacy Windows systems such as XP and Vista for a long time, we are needing to encourage everyone that it’s time to update these older systems to something a bit more up-to-date!

We have the following upgrade options!

  1. CROSS Library Mint Laptops
  2. If you receive a hand-me-down 64-bit Windows 7 or 10, these usually work well to run CROSS Library Mint. Call for installation assistance. (Note: For best results, before calling for installation, please have RAM upgraded to 8GB (minimum recommended RAM is 6GB) due to additional overhead of 64-bit systems. Also, please ensure that Virtualization support is available and enabled.)
  3. Purchasing a new Windows 10 64-bit system is also a good option. Please ensure that Virtualization support is available and enabled.

The following two Windows systems are aging. While still attempt to support them if your CROSS Library Subscription is current, however, it is becoming increasingly difficult to ensure our latest software updates will function as expected:
Windows Vista 32-bit (CROSS official support ending for Vista by mid-2021)
Windows XP Pro 32-bit (CROSS official support ending for XP by mid-2021)

Thank you for helping us upgrade your systems to keep CROSS Library app working for you!

We are also working on a brand-new web-based system to augment CROSS Library. This system will be ready soon with similar support restrictions in-place since web-based applications often require up-to-date web browsers to function as expected. Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and most Apple systems will work fine with the latest web browser updates.

Be sure to check that you have CROSS Library up-to-date!
You can check with these two steps.
a) Open CROSS Library on your computer and verify that it is up-to-date!
b) Then, right-click on the CROSS Library icon down in your system tray (looks like a little books icon or like a gray cube).
c) Look at the last line on the bottom for the version (by date). If earlier than 2020 (08.05), you need to install the latest update manually. Ensure your CROSS Library Subscription is up-to-date, then call for assistance. (After this update is installed, CROSS Library will automatically download future updates and prompt you to install them.)

Call us now!