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CROSS Library Supplies

Welcome to our CROSS Library Supplies page to help you locate the correct products for use with CROSS Library in our online store!

>>> Please note, this page is under construction–more products coming! <<<

If you know the specific product you are looking for, Library Supplies are here in our Online Store!

CROSS Library prints Labels, Label Sets, and Catalog Cards in 2 layouts by default: Laser/Ink-jet vs. Dot-matrix Continuous (tractor feed)

The products below match the CROSS Library card and label layouts used in our software! The products for the STANDARD CROSS Library layouts are listed below with links to the correct products for your convenience!

LABEL SETS (8-per page — Spine on left followed by 2 book labels in center and on right)

Regular Laser/Ink-jet Spine Label Set
Smaller Quantity of the above product
(to top-off your supply if running a bit short)

LABELS (individual labels: Spine, Book, Pocket, Borrower’s Cards)

Regular Spine Labels
Small Spine Labels
Used for Large Spine Label Report

CATALOG CARDS (3 per-page Laser/Ink-jet layouts)

Medium Weight (Heavier card stock)

CATALOG CARDS (tractor-fed–4-per page layout)




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