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Renew your CROSS Library Subscription…

Thank you for looking to renew your CROSS Library Subscription!

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Questions/Answers when Getting Started…

It is recommended to register on our site using your email.  If you registered in the past, try to use the same email as you did before to keep things simple.  (If you create another account, it’s ok.  You just won’t have access to all of your past order and subscription history information.)
(Our site uses your email to send a renewal reminder prior to your next subscription term followed by an invoice upon expiry.  Please keep your email address updated so you don’t miss a reminder.  Each time you use our site, it may automatically direct you to login, if necessary.)

RENEWAL NOTES: Our site tracks your subscriptions by your login email to make your life easier and to save you money! If you know you did not renew previously on this site, please skip to Step #1 below to register!

If you previously renewed your CROSS Library Subscription on this site since 2018 your subscription renewal status should be already in our system, click here to login using the LOGIN side of the page. Then, click ‘Orders’ to look for the most recent ‘Pending Payment’ order (with a PAY button to click taking you to checkout).  If you see no ‘Pending Payment’ orders, click ‘Subscriptions’ and click ‘Renew NOW’.  If you find no subscriptions, you will need to click ‘CROSS Library’ on the menu to renew by adding it to your cart. If you did not renew before on this site, please click the link below to register and get started!

  1. Just register or login here (both are on the same page).
    (After you are logged in, you will see the subscription page.)
    Then, just select your Term, click ‘Add to Cart’, and check out (where you specify your phone, billing address, tax status, extra notes, and payment method before submitting your order).

    It’s that simple!

    Have a great day!

Important: Generally you want a single web account.  It can help to have your person responsible for renewal payments to register the account with an administrative email address.

If you need to transfer an account to your treasurer, finance chair, or administrator, you can update your existing account details to allow them to take over administration and payment responsibility of the account. If there are any personal Payment Methods saved on your account, please be sure to remove them first! Then, change the name and email address information and have the new person reset the password as described below.

Have the new person come to, click the ‘Lost Your Password?’ link, enter their new email address, click ‘Reset Password’. Then, then should open the email sent to them to finish resetting the password at the provided link. After they reset the password, they can login with their new email. The subscription and order history will be on the account.

NOTE: If you create more than one account, you might end up purchasing more than one subscription.  In that case, let us know. Our sales personnel will review the accounts, consolidate them as-needed, and ensure that your account is correctly credited for your purchases.

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