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I love this program and already have over 800 books entered!

Jeanne Sant, Secretary
First Southern Baptist Church - San Diego, CA

I have lots of people coming in to help me and they really like the program because it is so easy
to work with.

Regena Banta, Church Librarian
St. Andrews Episcopal Church - Mt. Pleasant, SC

I recommend Library 1.7 for new library starts and for established libraries because it is user-friendly and affordable.

Mary Ellen Draper
Library Director Briarlake - Baptist Church Decatur, GA

We purchased the Library 1.7 program this past year for our church library and I love it!!! I love this program because I am basically computer illiterate and this has been so easy and basic. It has felt like it has been leading me by the hand through each step.

Kim Bodeau
Immanual Lutheran Church - Eau Claire, WI

Excellent software for church libraries with tremendous software support.

Diane B. Carr
East Cooper Baptist Church - Mt. Pleasant, SC

I think this software is marvelous! What I like
most is that I don't have to be a programmer to figure it out. It is so user-friendly, efficient, and easy -- yet I am still growing with it as I discover new features.

Louise Gibbons, Librarian
Kingdom of Heaven Christian Ministries - Menomonee Falls, WI

I just purchased your Library 1.7 software and
am very happy how it is working for us. It is
very easy to use and prints everything in such a professional manner. Thank you again for this great software package--it does the job for our library!

Lorraine Bradfield
Lake Athens Baptist Church Library - Athens, TX

The program is great and just what we needed.
It is like going from driving a Volkswagen to a Cadillac! So many of the features are really great. Love the reports feature. The more we use the software, the more pleased we are with it.

Leslie Costner
Covenant Bible Church - Lincolnton, NC

We have enjoyed using the software. We processed over 1200 books and have more to go. Thank you for helping us get started.

Jan Hill
Intown Community School - Atlanta, GA

The program is working great and I really enjoy how it makes my life easier. The Library 1.7 program has been easy to use, resourceful and very time saving. I would recommend this program for any church to use. It was the best investment our library has ever made! The help you have given us in the support line has also been very good. Anytime I have had a question or problem you have been very quick to respond.

Note: After receiving the update in January 2003, Carol wrote again:

"I am very pleased with the CROSS Library 1.7 system. I have installed the updates and I am so very pleased with the results. The new backup is just wonderful. So much better than the drag and drop method I was having to use before. I also like the label update. It saves so much in labels. Thank you for your product!"

Carol S. Buck, Chairperson Library Committee
First Presbyterian Church - St. Albans, WV

Last year your company was most instrumental
in helping Aveleigh Presbyterian Church get our library into the present and hopefully the future!
I can not express the thrill it is to see the records generated, labels printed and books processed due in large part to your technology! My attention gets turned away from the library frequently, but your product allows me to 'pick up where I left off' with no difficulty! Thank you for the excellent product!

Cheryl Parr, Librarian
Aveleigh Presbyterian Church - Newberry, SC

I have a very extensive church library and am trying to educate people to the importance of this ministry. I can't tell you how much this program has already helped me. I was able to put 80 new books into the library this week-end with all the cards and everything done! It really saves time! I also would like to say how much I appreciate the quickness in answering my questions. Unlike other vendors, sometimes it takes forever to get anyone to respond. Keep up the good work. You may give my name as a 'happy user.'

Alice Smith, Librarian
Berean Baptist Church - Portage, MI

I am recommending your program to everybody I meet! I love your program. It is so easy to use. We are a small congregation of about 375 people.
I am a retired school librarian with a theological degree. For classification purposes, I use the Church & Synagogue Library manuals on classification and on subject headings. I find them simple enough to use for the size of the library I serve. I expect that these are the two areas in
which most non-professional people need help. I now have entered 626 books in the data base, and
I am hoping to enter the 2000+ remaining this summer. Thanks again for your easy and useful program.

Note: After receiving the January 2003 update, Chris wrote again:

"I have downloaded your latest revision and I think it is just great. I am particularly glad to get the accession report with the classification information. I keep a monthly record of new items by classification and this will keep me from having to make a new file. Thanks so much for all you do. I keep telling people about Library 1.7. "

Chris Kline, Librarian
North Decatur Presbyterian Church - Decatur, GA

For several months, I searched for a Windows based library program to replace our DOS based program. I wanted something that would be easy to use, would meet the needs of a multimedia library, and allow us to expand. I was very excited to find Library 1.7. I did some research on it, read the users comments and decided to give it a try. I have found it very easy to use and the customer support during the conversion process was excellent. I am happy to have it set up and in use in the C.N. Glover Library.

Ann Ward, Librarian
Missionary Baptist Seminary - Little Rock, AR

We purchased your product some time ago and have been total satisfied with it--it's just as you advertised and more. Thank you for your quick responses to my emails. I'm in the technical computer business and every time I get a chance,
I tout your product, not only for the program
ability but just as importantly, your service. I deal with 20 to 30 different software vendors a week and never have I found service or response that I have with your company.

Jeffrey Baroli - Information Technology Manager
Sterry Memorial Presbyterian Church - Roswell, ID

When I spoke to you on the phone last spring about ordering the Library 1.7 program, you requested feedback. I Love It! That's the worst thing I can say about your program. It has proven to be every bit as good as I expected after checking it out on your website prior to ordering. I am still in the process of getting books cataloged and entered so I am not in 'full' operation as yet. It has been relatively easy to find the answer to the questions I have had. As of right now, my questions have all been answered, and I just wanted to give you an encouraging word for the day and to say a big THANK YOU for making this program available. Have a great day.

Janet M. Sanders, Librarian
The Christian Library - Broken Arrow, OK

I have really enjoyed the program. I have trained volunteers easily to use it for input. I love how quickly I can sort by clicking on one of the fields. Between Sort and Find, I quickly find any book I want to check on. The Search also allows me to control exactly what I want in a report. Library 1.7 is simple yet powerful enough to do what I need to do with it.

Note: After receiving the January 2003 update, Linda wrote again:

"The program gets better all the time. I love using it!"

Linda Goldman, Librarian
Richland Bible Church - Richland, MI

Thanks for making my work easier. I really appreciate having an affordable program to use in our small church library. Your promptness in technical support has been outstanding and your quick replies to email questions have saved me a lot of time.

Mag Wilkins, Church Librarian
Salem Avenue Baptist Church - Rolla, MO

Thank you for the prompt delivery of my order. I have been experimenting with the system today and am very pleased with the results. I look forward to getting all the church library finally inventoried and know that going forward the job will be much less demanding because of your software.

Donna Stanton
Librarian, Shiloh Evangelical Free Church - Rockford, IL

I certainly have enjoyed working with this program and I find it very easy to use and convenient for our needs. We appreciate your service and interest in keeping us, your customers updated. I was 69 years old, without any experience in library skills at all, when our pastor asked if I would set up a library using the many books which were in boxes and not being used. I surfed the internet to find a program that was available at an affordable price and which would deliver the features that we were looking for. Your program was just what I needed for our church. After entering 1300 books, using the Dewey Decimal Classification system, and labeling, and shelving these books, our congregation is now delighted to have a library that is functional and a pleasure to use. We are joining up with a more sizable church which did not have a library, and there are people from this incoming congregation who are offering to help in the library because it is so well organized and easy to keep track of the books. So, they will be learning the program. There are folks who are donating many good books and I am pleased to see how the interest in the library has taken off. Thank you very much for all the help you have given.

Viola Ewert, Acting Librarian - Mission Foursquare Church
Mission City, B.C. CANADA

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