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Terms and Conditions

If you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions below, please Click here to return to our Checkout Counter to complete your order…

REFUNDS: All sales are final. Due to the nature of our products and subscriptions, CROSS Systems, Inc. offers no refunds on any software, products, or subscriptions for any reason. Please read our documentation and information concerning our products and services before ordering.

All orders made with billing addresses within the state of Texas are charged Texas State Sales Tax by default. If your billing address is within the state of Texas, and your organization is exempt from State Sales Tax, you must click ‘Tax Exempt’ on the Checkout form AND enter your exemption number to remove the SALES TAX amount from your order. Otherwise, your order WILL INCLUDE Sales Tax and you will be charged for it. If you do not have an exemption number, please enter ‘FAXED’. Please fax us your Texas State Sales Tax Exemption Form at 1-866-492-0538 if you have not done so previously. Your exemption form must clearly show your organization’s name and address. If these conditions are not met, your order will be charged Texas State Sales Tax at the going rate. Thank you!

PAYMENT OPTIONS (CHECK PAYMENTS, POs, etc.): If you wish to submit your order for later payment (as in check or over-the-phone credit card payment), you may submit your order using the ‘Phone or Mail-in payment’ option. We will process your order upon receipt of payment.

When using the ‘E-check’ payment method and filling the bank account information fields, as you click the Purchase button, you authorize ‘CROSS Systems, Inc.’ to charge your bank account a single time for the ‘Total Price’ shown for the items listed in your cart.

Note: In the event of a returned e-check payment, a processing fee of not less than $35 will be added to your invoice. This fee along with the original invoice total must be paid to ‘CROSS Systems, Inc.’ before we will process your order.

All Credit/Debit card and E-check account details entered into our website are used solely for the purpose of processing your payment transaction.

For your information security, we store no sensitive information (including card numbers, card expiration dates, card security ids, bank routing numbers, bank names, or bank account numbers) on our website or on CROSS Systems, Inc. servers beyond the duration of the transaction.

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