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Ordering Instructions

Welcome to our Online Store complete with secure online ordering!

You can order anytime whether you need supplies, system upgrades (laptops or desktops), or just to renew your CROSS Library subscription!

To Order

Our online ordering is available for all orders.

–If you need INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING for items, a minimum of $35 shipping and handling will be added to your order total to cover our additional costs.

If your billing address is NOT in Texas, you may skip the SPECIAL NOTES and proceed to the ‘STEPS TO ENTER YOUR ONLINE ORDER’ section below.

SPECIAL NOTES for customers with a TEXAS billing address:
a) During checkout, if you are tax-exempt, you may select ‘Tax Exempt’ and enter your exemption number or tax-id in the ‘Tax Exempt ID’ field on the checkout screen. If you do not have an exemption id, please enter your tax-id. Please fax us your tax exempt declaration form at 1-866-492-0538 to help us expedite your order. Please add a note into the Order Notes to let us know that you faxed your exemption form. Then, follow the steps below to order online. (If your billing address is in the state of Texas, and you do not indicate that you are tax exempt and enter a tax exemption or tax-id, we must assume you are NOT exempt, and we are required to charge your order the current Texas state sales tax of 8.25% upon review.)

–It’s easy. Please read this overview, and keep in mind that any special instructions for each page are provided at the top of the page. If something seems to not work properly at any point in the order process, scroll up and look for any messages shown at the top of the page.

1. Please proceed to our Online Store, and add any desired items to your cart by clicking on the desired items and clicking the ‘Add to Cart’ button on each item. A condensed view of your cart contents will be displayed in a frame on the right-hand of each page. When you are done, you may click on ‘View Cart’ to see your selections prior to submitting your order.

2. Review the contents of your cart, make any adjustments required, then enter your address and card information before submitting your order. Please enter valid data in ALL FIELDS and double-check everything just before clicking Submit.

3. You may submit payment for your order using E-check, debit card, or credit card. (You may use a debit card in the same way as you would make credit card payment.)

4. After clicking the Purchase button, you will be automatically taken to the ‘Ordering/Your Account’ page to review the result of your online transaction. When your order has been processed, download links are made available with your order information on that page.
If you experience a problem, please give us a call at our sales number below.

5. Your order history is saved under ‘Online Store / Your Account’ for your reference along with software download links to install or update the software.

Note: If your browser is older, you may need to update BEFORE ORDERING (You will see an out-of-date-browser message if you need to upgrade.).  Please see this link for more details.

–If you reside in the state of Texas and you are NOT tax exempt, Texas state sales tax will be added to your cart as your check out.)
–If you need INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING for any SUPPLY ITEMS, $35 will be added to your order to cover our additional shipping and handling costs. We can provide specific shipping pricing if you call in your order at the number shown below.

–CROSS Systems, Inc. Sales
1-877-615-7230 –Hours: 9-5 Central Time

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