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Library 1.7 Find Function Capabilities and Options:

1. Selectable Fields or Field Groupings by which to Find records

  • Find in Any field
    • Finds in all the fields
  • Find in Basic fields
    • Finds in Title, Author, Subjects, Summary, & Comments fields
  • Find in Either Subject field
    • Finds in either Subject1 or Subject2
  • Find in Current Sort Order (field)
  • Find in Collation field
  • Find in Summary field
  • Find in Comments field
  • Find in Key Words/Phrases field
  • Find in CheckedOutTo field
    • Produces list of one individual’s item checkouts
  • Find in Title field
  • Find in Author field
  • Find in Publisher field
  • Find in Subject1 field
  • Find in Subject2 field
  • Find in Media Type field
  • Find in Classification field
  • Find in ISBN field
  • Find in LCCN field
  • Find in Accession # field
  • Find in Cost field
  • Find in Publication Date field
  • Find in Copyright Year field

2. Ease of Use Matching Options:

  • Trim Leading and Trailing Spaces (optional)
  • Match Whole Word Only (optional)
  • Match Type (example for book)
  • Begins with ‘book’
  • Ends with ‘book’
  • Contains ‘book’
  • Equals ‘book’

3. Results list (optional)

  • Double-click item in list to display the full record
  • Displays number total of matching records
  • View Results as Search (optional)
  • Converts Find Results to Searched Records (subset)
  • Restrict to Find within current Search Results (optional)

4. Basic mode (optional)

  • Administrator can pre-configure Find per User ID
    • As a simple search (show Basic mode only)
    • As a fast record Find for checkout using these defaults:
      • Accession # field
      • Results list off for direct display of record
    • To allow each user to save their settings as their defaults
    • To allow “Sticky settings” vs. “Reset to Default Settings”
    • By setting a variety of other Find default options

5. Advanced mode (optional)

  • Administrator can customize Find behavior per User ID
    • To start Find in Advanced mode vs. Basic
    • Any of the Find options
    • To allow user to configure and save any Find settings, if desired
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