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CROSS Library Mint Updates…

Seasons Greetings!
CROSS Library Mint ‘Out of Stack Space’ solution.

We have identified the following solution for an error some customers experience in CROSS Library Mint.
At times, an ‘Out of Stack Space’ error is seen when clicking ‘Find’. This issue is related to display handling. (You may notice the screen flickering.)

Call for support to resolve this issue if you are experiencing it.
We generally only need to change a single setting in ‘Look and Feel’ settings in Mint to resolve the issue.

We will do a bit of testing to ensure this change doesn’t affect other portions of CROSS Library. The fix itself is a very quick fix with a few minutes of additional testing. We may perform system updates, if any are pending or necessary for best performance of your system. We can schedule a time if the updates become lengthy.

Merry Christmas!

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