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Upgrading from Facebook…

Hi, everyone.

We want to let everyone know that CROSS Systems, Inc. will be discontinuing our account on 11/13 primarily due to censorship concerns. We always stand for free speech no matter what political party it is from. Also, having personally experienced life in Russia and other communist countries, I, quite prefer living free including a special aversion to censorship and such high-handed control over my daily life. (There is much more I could say–maybe later.)

(Our statistics show us that most of our customers follow our website directly and contact us from there. Facebook’s user counts have also dropped quite dramatically in the past few months and are projected to do so again by end of year. With the signs of a dying platform showing on Facebook, we made this decision to focus on efforts and cancel accounts and services not meeting our objectives in order to move forward with more viable platforms. For the present, we’re going to be posting over on LinkedIn for public announcements and may consider adding another platform–yet to be announced.)

Of course, always come to directly anytime!

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